Multi-channel management

Multi-channel contacts' management is sorted and conversations are identified with place of origin.

DeskMessenger ti mostra il canale su cui la richiesta è stata effettuata ne it identifies and organize the request..

The customer's requirements are organized are organized regardless of the channels he used..

If a User uses the e-mail but then he decides to open whatsapp to talk about the request, DeskMessenger identifies him and allows the operator to have a vision of the previous interactions with evidence on the last exchange. 

The customer's management is automatic, easy and smart.

order your multi-channel requirements

DeskMessenger è un relation management tool che ti permette di order your requirements that come from your potential customer. 

È un CRM Customer oriented che sfrutta l’intelligenza del chatbot per qualificare le lead e that speeds up your sales processDeskMessenger helps you to make target decisions and build better reletionship with your clients by managing requirements from multiple channels.

An advantage both in pre-sales and after-sales,it makes the difference especially when you have to manage both user's relation in closed sales and the return to you as a future-paying customer.

Mobile channels and desktop

DeskMessenger integrates with:

  • Website
  • e-mail
  • Form
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Whatspp

If you have an e-Commerce and you want un form per la raccolta delle Leadyou can activate DeskMessenger by synchronizing your e-mail or by using the integrated form with a simple embed.

be active on every channel

synchronize DeskMessenger with your Company's Whatsappand start the communication with your clients via mobile. you can be easily reached from mobile devices and you can also easily manage the comunication from your dashboard.

Do your users prefer different instant messaging tools? DeskMessenger is perfectly compatible with Telegram and Facebook Messenger.You can use your social medias to maintain relations with the users and you can also manage the requirements and deepen the conversations with high-quality leads.

Select the best channels for your business, find out the ones that run better for your activity and easily manage all the applications with a single tool..