Sales Automation

Sales Automation

DeskMessenger select qualified leads, it reduces the abandonment of your web pages and speeds up customers'management with an intelligent robot.

It perform proactively with your public and it brings a competitive advantage to your business. DeskMessenger Chatbot learns from your customers and it helps you to deal with routine demands distinguishing between general informations and quality leads.

Conversations use a keyword-based targetingthe chatbot is multilingual (you choose the rules and the language), it can be enriched with new vocabulary through the chats with your clients.

It reduces abandonment on your website

It prevents the website page dropping thanks to the Exit Intent function.The chatbot tracks the movement of the mouse and knows when the user is leaving the page. Before the user leaves the site, he opens a banner with a tailor-made discount, a special promotion or an invitation to try new products.

A useful tool that reduces leads' loss by 15% and makes the customer journey more dynamic. A means of stimulating the attention of users with tailor-made proposals and special offers that guide the purchase of products on your e-Commerce.

Automated interactions

With the instant cookie function, il bot si attiva per rendere interattiva l’esperienza del tuo utente. Ad esempio, sulla pagina di un prodotto del tuo e-Commerce puoi programmare a chat with a call to action that invites the user to deepen or recommend a product to associate with the purchase.

The chatbot can also be used to provide specific information such as remembering which of the products he viewed are on sale. It offers discounts and help users with out of stock products. guiding users to purchase

Connect DeskMessenger to your e-Commerce database

The chatbot suggests to your customers the products present in the e-Commerce database. If the user asks for information about a product in chat, he shows him the requested product and, if it is not in stock, he proposes a related product.

It makes your customers happy and helps you to sell more by making your warehouse dynamic. Facilitates the purchase for your users and is always updated on the quantities in stock The DeskMessenger chatbot is compatible with all e-Commerce (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce or Custom).